WBFF Pro Aaron Agnew on what it takes to get seriously shredded

Sci-MX athlete Aaron Agnew

Aaron Agnew is WBFF pro, CSCS Strength coach and one of Dubai’s leading lights when it comes to bodybuilding. He has a ton of experience in getting that stage-ready body, and cutting down to the most shredded of states. Here he talks about just what it takes to get body fat levels seriously low.

To get very lean there is a cost because cutting down bodyfat to sub eight-percent for men and sub 15 percent for women requires great sacrifice. How do you get this lean?

1. Follow a strict diet of specific macros for many weeks. Measuring your food, never eating out, constantly prepping your meals.

2. Exercise multiple times a day when your weak, exhausted and feel awful. Usually intense session of weights, then additional cardiovascular exercise to burn those additional calories.

3. Constantly battling your urges to eat more while feel hungry throughout the day. Intense cravings for sugar and carbs which will push your willpower.

4. Virtually no social life. It’s not fun to go out and be around other people who are enjoying themselves. It’s easier to be in a controlled environment where there is no temptation.

5. Develop a metal obsession with getting lean. It won’t happen by accident. Many competitors develop eating disorders because of the obsessive thoughts you need to have towards food.

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