How do you know if your fitness and health routine is working for you?

When embarking on your health and fitness routine, progress is key – but how do you track it? Sci-MX athlete John Britton, a weightlifter and head coach/manager at F45 Training in Dubai Motor City has some top tips….

Does it make you happy?

The first place I would start is; is whatever you are doing making you happy?

If you are doing anything fitness or health related that you hate, you’re not going to keep it up, it’s not going to be sustainable and it’s not going to be a positive part of your life. Find something you love, and don’t stop chasing things until you find that.

Life is too short to do something you hate.

There are so many different workout systems, types of training, and things to do, there is something you will like out there. So make it something that makes you happy and it will be a positive part of your life.

Make it measurable

With everything you do you have to find your baselines, whether that be a body fat analysis, some simple tests, or something more complicated, the key is you have a number that you can improve on.

Generally, the way I approach fitness is to not have that number be the one you see on the scale. Make it something to do with a time, weight on the bar, or a distance, as opposed to a number on the scale which never tells the full story – you could be losing body fat, but gaining muscle and the scale wouldn’t tell you that.

Some people can go on feel, when it comes to measuring success but I think it depends on the individual and how in tune you are with what you a doing.

Some people can do things based on feel and get really good feedback, other might not understand what they are looking for and that’s why numbers can be a very big advantage in tracking progress and success.

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