Why Step-Ups Should Become Part of Your Workout

Step-ups are a versatile series of multi-purpose exercises that are used in different workout regimes. They’re not strictly aerobics or Zumba and can be included in any sport routine.

Here are the top reasons to start doing steps

  • Step-ups are cardio workouts that have been in fashion since the 90s. Stepping up to a box or platform increases your heart rate and steps also help you burn more calories

  • Step-ups lift and tense the buttocks because they focus on the upper rear area of the legs and they are the perfect solution for the “droopy butt”. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge you can use a home chair to perform this workout at any time; but make sure to warm up before.
  • Step-ups are good for mountain-climbers, runners and cyclists as incorporating them with your other activities will prepare your muscles to take on your outdoor activities with more ease and endurance.
  • Step-ups are great for your health because they improve your cardiac function and they help the lungs work better. The high-rate calorie burning helps you lose weight, protecting you from many weight-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and joint disease.

You can also add arm and waist movements to double the benefit and burn much more calories and with time, you can up the challenge by using a higher step to improve your endurance and use advanced steps as your athletic performance becomes more serious.

It’s important to warm up for at least 15 minutes before doing step-ups to avoid injury and also to cool down afterwards. Your foot soles must be fully in touch with the step from heel to toe to avoid ankle injuries.

All these benefits from such a simple exercise have got to be enough reason for you to add them to your program.


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