Reduce Your Weight with the Points Diet System

“Weight Watchers”, The American company,  has created a “points-system” to replace the number of calories. It’s all about giving different foods points, so that high-fat foods get higher scores than those rich in fibre. That has encouraged people to eat a healthier diet with lower fat and more fibre.

The number of points get depends on your weight. If your weight is less than 68 kg, your allowance should be between 18 and 23 points. If your weight is between 68 and 78 kg, the number of points should be between 20 and 25 points. While if your weight is between 78 and 90 kg, the number of points must be between 22 and 27. According to “Weight Watchers”, one point equals 50 calories, and you have to add a point for every 12 grams of fat and decrease a point when you eat foods that are rich in fibers. In this case some vegetables are without points, and other foods have few points, which gives a sense of satisfaction to this diet.

Sweets, foods high in saturated fat and refined carbohydrate foods have high points, while foods with low points are mostly vegetables, fruits, lean meat, dairy products, fat-free and whole wheat products.Counting points helps you to choose the foods that are best for you and to eat healthy following a balanced diet, and that will help you maintain your long-term weight loss.By following the points-system you will eat less fat and calories, and by working-out you will notice the desired difference in a short time and in a healthy manner. You can get help counting your points through websites and special applications on your mobile phone.


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