Take a Look at This Iron-Rich Diet for Anemia Patients

Usually anemia treatment plans include changes in the patient’s daily diet. And diets including foods rich in iron and other vitamins essential to hemoglobin and red blood cell production are considered the best diets one can stick to. Such diets should also include foods that help your body absorb iron the best way possible.

There are two types of iron in foods: heme iron and nonheme iron, and heme iron is found in meat, chicken, and seafood. While nonheme iron is found in plant foods and iron fortified foods; Your body can absorb both types of iron, yet it absorbs heme iron more easily, and despite the fact that anemia treatment plans are different from one person to another, most treatment plans require 150 – 200 milligrams of iron intake daily and it’s difficult to acquire such levels through diet only.

That’s why patients may also need to take prescription iron or over-the-counter iron supplements until their body levels of iron are restored.

Where can we get iron from?

Iron-rich foods

It’s important to know that focusing on one food won’t cure anemia. Still, resorting to an overall healthy diet rich in dark, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, seafood, meat, and beans can help you get the required amounts of iron to better manage anemia.

Also, it’s really important to use a cast-iron skillet in an anemia diet plan, because foods cooked in cast iron absorb iron from the skillet itself, keeping in mind that acidic foods absorb the most amounts of iron, while foods cooked for short periods of time absorb the least amounts.


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