Want to Defeat Insomnia? We’ve got your back

We have discussed sleep and its various benefits in previous articles, and unfortunately, most of us do not get enough. Our fast-paced lifestyles have a negative effect on how regular our sleep patterns are with statistics showing 65 percent of people suffer from daily sleeping problems, especially insomnia.

Here are a few tips to help you get a better night’s sleep

Work on organizing your sleep schedule

This includes all days, even weekends. Commitment to a proper sleep program will help you stay more alert when awake, and help the body adapt to a regular pattern of sleeping and waking hours.

Avoid fragmented sleep

Do your best to make your sleep as continuous as possible. Fragmented sleep causes symptoms that have a negative impact on your learning ability, memory and productivity, as well as weakening your creativity. Experts say six hours of continuous sleep are better than eight hours of fragmented sleep.

Make up for lost sleep as soon as possible

No matter how hard we try to organize our sleeping schedule, sometimes that perfect night’s sleep is just not possible. Combat this by taking naps when needed, but be careful not to nap too long, or take the nap too late in the day because that will further disrupt our sleep pattern. We should also avoid trying to make up for large sleep loss during weekends, again this is only going to alter your overall sleep schedule.



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