GoPro Hero: Taking you places your phone can’t

The GoPro Hero is the perfect entry-level camera for people wanting to up their social media content

It wasn’t long ago that the new iPhone was described as having ‘the best camera ever’.

Not just the best phone camera either. The best camera ever.

It’s a bold statement, but think photography and videography, and today, people will immediately reach for their phone.

But what if you need it in water? Or mounted to the handle bars of a bike? Then you have an issue.

The brand synonymous with this kind of capture has, for some time, been GoPro.

Waterproof, robust, and with excellent quality of capture – it’s the perfect tool for those with an active lifestyle. The only potential drawback? The price.

For a casual user it was seen as an outlay for something that may not be used too often.

Now there is a solution.

The GoPro Hero. At AED849, it promises an entry level price, with a premium quality feel, such as;

  • Award-Winning Image Quality: HD Video (1440p60 and 1080p60) and 10MP photo performance
  •  2-Inch Touch Display: Using HERO is as easy as using your phone thanks to its touch display
  • Voice Control: Tell HERO to start and stop recording, take a photo, turn off and more
  • Waterproof + Extremely Durable: Waterproof up to 30’ (10M) and designed go everywhere your smartphone can’t
  • Video Stabilization: HERO features video stabilization that helps smooth out the shakes
  • Smartphone Compatible: HERO offloads your photos and videos to the GoPro app which creates fun, shareable videos for you, automatically
  • Body and Gear Mountable: compatible with 30+ GoPro mounting accessories

The verdict

For those who have used a GoPro in the past, the new unit is extremely simple to use. If you haven’t, it is still super quick pick up.

Capture options are clear and simple, and the size and flexibility of the unit make it easy to use in even the most awkward of places.

The content you capture more than lives up to what you would find on your smartphone too – you will not be sacrificing quality in any way, shape or form.

If you are looking to up your Insta game from the safe distance shots taken on a mobile, to those envy-inducing shots from the back of a boat, wakeboard or bike then this is the tool for you.

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