30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – First Week: Small Beginnings Part II

Day three: Practice morning yoga

The best place to practice yoga is your bedroom! Roll out the yoga mat in your room before you sleep, in order to immediately dive into your morning exercise when you wake up, you can do yoga for fifteen minutes and add a small workout to completely wake up mentally and physically, all without changing your morning routine, this way you start your day stress-free and increase your chances of a good night’s sleep later on.

Day four: Try motivational meditation

Before getting out of bed, listen to a playlist of meditation music on your cellphone to motivate and revive yourself to achieve your goals.

Day five: Eat some peppermints

Eating some peppermints in the morning does more than just refreshing your breath, as a study has linked the smell of peppermint to a better mood and mental focus, while another linked eating peppermints to notable improvements in athletic performance.

Day six: Increase the intensity

This doesn’t necessarily mean rush to the gym for an hour of sweat and effort, it is enough to do a short intense exercise at home.

Day seven: Make your bed

If you’re usually someone who makes their bed already, you just got a day off! But in case you are one of the 35% adults between 25 to 35-year-old who don’t do it themselves; then this is your small challenge of this day’s morning. Making your bed doesn’t just help you not return to it but it also gives you a productive start to your day, it also affects your sleep the night to follow: For people who make their beds in the morning have a more comfortable sleep at night compared to those who don’t.


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