30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person

Set your alarm one hour earlier and decide to stop being an anti-morning person and get ready to become that person who works out in the morning like you always wanted! But. How many times do you actually wake up to the sound of your alarm feeling excited to go to the gym like you felt the night before? I believe the answer is: Not that much.

But there is a reason for you to really try to be one of those morning people, as studies have shown that they are usually happier, more stable emotionally, more trustworthy, less likely to be stressed and overweight and have better problem-solving skills. Add to that, many studies have found a strong connection between early morning workouts and the rise of fat burning rate, decrease of unnecessary calories consumption, drop in blood pressure and a lesser risk of diabetes.

Still, keep in mind that such a change does not happen overnight, for it takes some time to train yourself to wake up earlier, that’s why we have put together some information and ideas that will slowly –but efficiently- help turn you into the morning workout person you always dreamt of being over the course of one whole month.

The main strategy is as follows: Go to sleep and wake up 15 minutes earlier every day until you reach your perfect waking up time, then stick to this program until you are used to it. In this time try to know how much sleep you need to work in your maximum power; as the required amount of sleep differs from one person to another and it is also highly affected by genetic factors. Most people need between seven to nine hours of sleep, but some need more or less than that; no matter what your required amount is, take your time sleeping to feel more active, energetic and focused during the day.


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