High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts for You to Try Out

First exercise: Sprints

“High productivity” workouts improve your ability to give your maximum effort with short breaks, for short-period high intensity interval training with long breaks will improve your strength and activity.

  • Mountain Slider:

Workout for 15 seconds

Rest for 90 seconds

Reps: 6 times

Start in press-up position while placing your feet on small towels, then pull one knee towards your chest and pull the other one as fast as possible (as if you are running while crawling).

  • Thruster:

Workout for 15 seconds

Rest for 75 seconds

Reps: 6 times

Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder level and do a squat, when going back up lift the weights to above head level, and repeat.

Second exercise: Sustain

These exercises, known as “sustaining” depend on longer interval workouts and shorter breaks, all to increase your endurance while doing HIIT, you can try this workout:

  • Kettlebell Swing:

Workout for 30 seconds

Rest for 90 seconds

Reps: 6 times

Use a medium weight kettle and swing it between your legs, move your hips quickly forward to lift the kettle to eye level and drop it down immediately and repeat.

  • Assault AirBike:

Workout for 15 seconds

Rest for 45 seconds

Reps: 10 times

Assault airbike lets you use your entire body for a short high-intense period, and in case aibike wasn’t available, you can replace this with classic bike.


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