Do men and women need different sources of protein?

Sci-MX athlete John Britton

Sci-MX athlete John Britton talks us through the world of protein – for both men and women.

“As one of the most important building blocks for muscle development and growth, it’s safe to say that protein is the most popular supplement in the industry. Yet with so many options – and with names like ripped, shredded and jacked on the tin – it’s only natural to wonder if women should take the same protein powder as men to support their individual goals.

Of course, when it comes to women and protein, the most common concern I hear is a fear of getting bulky. Thankfully, that fear is unfounded .While the body-builder stereotype associated with protein may have been true in the past, I’m happy to report that more and more women are finally realising that protein supplements can be helpful – even necessary – to anyone who exercises. At the end of the day, any type of exercise – running , weight-lifting, Zumba, yoga – builds muscle, and regardless of our individual fitness goals, we all need it!

Men are able to put on bulk for two main reasons – they are generally larger by nature meaning they have more muscle mass to speak of – and they produce the hormone testosterone, which women don’t. While men and women don’t need completely different types of protein – all muscles are made from the same stuff, after all – women simply just need less. Because of this, most powders are unisex.

That said, there is a growing market of women-specific protein powders on the market, and if you really can’t shake the worry you’ll turn into the female version of Arnie with a shake a day, why not try Sci-Mx’s Pro V-Gain. The brand’s specialty vegan protein powder, it’s 100% plant based, lower in calories and still contains an impressive 34g of protein with 5.7g BCAAs per serving. It’s much easier to digest, too, so less likely to leave you feeling bloated. Win-win!”


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