John Britton on his nutrition cornerstones

Sci-MX athlete John Britton

Sci-MX athlete John Bitton is the manager/head coach at F45 Training in Dubai Motor City. He is a sportsman, weightlifter and all-round beast. His approach to nutrition is refreshingly simple, as you can see here.

1. The Principles

Whenever I talk about nutrition, I will always maintain the following; eat lots of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, a little starch and little to no sugar. I know there are people who don’t eat meat, and that’s fine, they just need to find a different protein source. I am not one to count calories or macros, but do like to put good, wholesome, clean food into my body and would advise others do the same.

2. Protein and Carbs

I tend to eat meat with most meals. I don’t count my intake but know how much I need to fuel my muscles and it’s a case of working out what fits
your groove. For carbs, remember you are eating them for fuel so don’t go crazy, and try to avoid more processed sources such as bread and pasta.

3. Cheat days/meals

The idea of cheat meals is an interesting one. I think if you are eating plenty of good food then you are less likely to crave some of that bad stuff, but if you do then I would say to steer clear of low quality food. If you want a burger, avoid fast food places with little nutritional value and get one you know has good content. You’ll feel a lot better for it.

You can see more of John, including his crazy 50-day pull-up challenge, on his Instagram account

Find out more about F45 Training in Motor City here


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