The Top 5 Fitness Supplements and Their Benefits to Training

Sci-MX athlete John Britton

If you’re serious about changing your physique, you already know that you need to train and eat in the right manner to build new lean muscle mass while burning unwanted fat. Yet training hard on a daily basis can deplete your body of vitamins, nutrients and other compounds essential for muscle gain and fat loss. Of course, workouts are a good way to tone up, boost your metabolism and keep fit and healthy, yet intense workouts can be demanding on our bodies so it’s important to keep our energy levels up pre- and post-workout and to feed tired muscles with the nutrients required to recover.

Sci-Mx ambassador John Britton talks us through which supplements are the best (and the worst) for accelerating your training gains while reinforcing your diet.


Designed to pack a big dose of caffeine and add an extra bounce to your step, pre-workout drinks and supplements will help maximise your time in the gym while minimising damage to your body. Ideal when you want to push yourself to the limit.

When? To ensure you give your body enough time to digest it before your workout, take your pre-workout 30 minutes beforehand to ensure it reaches its peak in your blood during your gym sesh.

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100% Whey Protein

The cornerstone supplement of any fitness diet, whey is thought to be the best form of protein for stimulating muscle protein synthesis

When? Drink a shake in between meals and before/after a workout. Don’t forget the golden absorption hour which is directly after training for muscle recovery and growth. You can also have a protein shake before bed, upon waking, or half an hour before a workout to provide your muscles with adequate nutrition before exercising.

What: Sci-Mx Ultra Whey Protein, Dhs200



BCAAs are three branched-chain amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine – that are responsible for fueling muscles during and after exercise, while being critical to muscle protein repair. They help to reduce exercise-induced muscle pain and decrease muscular fatigue, so BCAAs should be taken during training to provide a steady supply of these essential acids to your muscles to ensure quickest recovery.

When? Research shows you need about 6g of BCAAs to help preserve muscle tissue following a workout. You can also consume a further 5-10g post workout, either on their own or with a shake.

What: Sci-Mx BCAA Intra Hardcore, Dhs120



Not just vital for weightloss, getting enough of the amino acid taurine is one of the most effective ways to get motivated and eliminate stress thanks to its effect of lowering cortisol levels. Taurine helps the body metabolise fat, too, making it essential for energy production and a lean physique.

When? Take 500 – 2000mg of taurine each day at your preferred time



Sweating buckets during exercise may be a sign of an intense workout, but if your electrolyte levels remain low, it can result in muscle fatigue, dizziness and nausea. These positively or negatively charged substances conduct electrical current in your body, which do everything from retain water to support muscle function, meaning its vital to ensure you replenish your sources.

When? There’s absolutely no harm in keeping an electrolyte drink on you before, during and post-workout, which will help your muscles handle the stress better and increase cardio output while replenishing lost sources after your workout.




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