What is success when building the ultimate physique?

Sci-MX athlete Aaron Agnew

What is success when it comes to building a stage-ready physique? Sci-MX athlete and WBFF Pro Aaron Agnew explains.

From a physique perspective:

  1. Track your body composition by doing skin folds, bioelectrical impedance, tape measurements and scale weight if you have a lot of fat to lose. Everyone is different and there are pros and cons to each method but sticking with one or two and being consistent is important for measuring progress.
  2. Photos can be a great tool. It’s important to have similar lighting to see changes more accurately. Photos will take longer to see progress such as every month or longer but seeing the changes can be more rewarding and motivating than seeing the numbers change on the scale.
  3. Becoming more comfortable with your body and accepting the flaws. This is a personal success that takes time, perspective and appreciation.

Try to ask yourself questions such as… do you feel comfortable at the beach?

How do you feel trying on clothes or seeing yourself in the mirror?

Are you confident with your body around your partner?

Not comparing yourself to others rather than accepting your physique and respecting it can be a tough but admirable physique goal.

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