F45’s John Britton gives his tips on conditioning

Sci-MX athlete John Britton

Sci-MX athlete John Britton is the Head Coach/Manager at F45 Training in Dubai Motor City – he is a national level weightlifter, ice hockey player, and lifts a lot of heavy stuff – as his Instagram shows  here he offers some advice on improving conditioning.

1. It’s got to hurt

When focusing on conditioning the only way to improve is to push yourself as hard as possible. It really is that simple.

Now, we are not talking about pushing to the point of injury, but there has to be a lot of heavy breathing and a raised heart rate. This is often down to mindset and breaking through those barriers in order to improve.

2. Vary as much as possible

Conditioning work can be boring so it’s crucial to make the most of all the variables in your training. Now this can be anything from the amount of time you are
working, to rest period, weight increases, rep ranges, and the exercises themselves.

There’s so much to keep your sessions fresh. It is a huge element for us at F45.

We have more than 3000 exercises programmed into our different sessions meaning our members don’t get the same workout twice, which not only keep the body active but the mind too.

3. Don’t forget to rest

This is an element that people always underestimate. The perfect example is a runner who goes out every single day and does five to ten kilometres and wonders why they are not seeing any improvement in their times. It all comes down to rest. We have to allow the body time to recover. During this time we are recuperating and getting stronger and ready to go again. Make sure you are resting enough during the week to ensure the body is ready to work hard in each of
your sessions.


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