Go Rock Climbing to Enhance Your Endurance

Rock climbing is a great muscles engaging cardio workout that requires courage, strength, fitness, flexibility, and endurance.

In the beginning you will find rock climbing extremely difficult, but with practice and by following a strict workout routine you will have great improvements in your endurance and health (both physical and psychological).

Some of the best ways to enhance your endurance through this sport include

During every weekend, sign up for a marathon session to prepare yourself for your trip, that will help enhance your endurance, but make sure you increase the training hours every time, because your trip will take quite a long time (many days most likely) with long hours of rock climbing; Not to mention the long walks you will do on this trip!

Start with ninety minutes, adding fifteen to thirty minutes each week (depending on your endurance), with the aim of increasing your muscle’s endurance while climbing and to keep you going on with your trip for many days without feeling tired.

During weekdays, train your arms, shoulders, and hands frequently using hanging boards; This will greatly improve your fingers and hand grip.


You also should do some mild climbing few times a week before taking your long trip; Taking shorter breaks and climbing more each time you practice.

All of the above-mentioned should get you ready, for it does not only enhance your endurance during climbing but also in all the sports and activates you will do on the trip; Thus improving your performance greatly.

Keep hydrated during both trip and practice, water helps in organizing your body temperature, losing weight, and reducing muscles spasms; It will also help refresh your body and energy, thus giving you the ability to climb for a longer period of time.

It’s needless to say that you should quit smoking or really cut back (if you are smoker), because oxygen is the main element in building high endurance; For your body needs a lot of oxygen to give you the needed energy on such trips.



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