Try These Home Remedies for Heartburn Relief

Many people get a heartburn every once in a while. This is also known as acid reflux where the stomach’s acidic juice moves back up towards the esophagus. When it happens, we usually look for quick and reachable home remedies for heartburn relief. And because we care about you, we have collected some of the best acid reflux home remedies for you!

Here are some home remedies for heartburn relief to help you feel better

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice helps relieve sunburn pains but many people who suffer from heartburn say that it also helps relieve the discomfort from acid reflux. It is also believed to protect the digestive tract as it has plenty of curing attributes. One study concluded that drinking 30 ml of aloe vera juice can help relieve heartburn pain without any side effects.

Identify the triggers

People who suffer from heartburn are advised to stay away from acidic or acid-promoting foods like greasy or fatty foods, foods containing tomatoes or spices, soda, caffeinated drinks, chocolate and fast food. You can start by keeping track of foods and drinks that usually trigger a heartburn or acid reflux and consume them in lesser quantities without having to go on a difficult diet.

Less is more

The quantity is just as important as quality and having too much food can be just as much a trigger as types of food usually associated with heartburn. Having smaller meals several times a day is a better option, but you should watch your calories to avoid weight gain and heartburn.

Don’t eat late

The aim is to keep the food in your stomach and not have it move back up. During the day you’re either standing up or sitting down most of the time, which means you have gravity helping you keep the food down, but when you lie down, gravity is eliminated from this equation. Make sure that your last meal is about two hours before bed time to help keep the food down.

Organic apple vinegar

Much like aloe vera, organic vinegar helps a lot of people who suffer from acid reflux, even though it is acidic in nature. There is no clear reason as to why it helps and unlike aloe vera, there haven’t been any studied to back up its home remedy qualities.


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