How much harm is your computer doing you?

The Korean government once issued a statement, taking into consideration the negative effects of using computer devices for too long, that all computers will be turned off at 8 p.m. to allow employees to go home on time.

With some exceptions, the South Korean government vowed to allow its citizens more rest time hoping it will benefit both the citizens and the economy. The government projected that this will enhance the labour system and the workers’ health and allow them to have a better life.

What are the negative effects of computer devices?

Computers are a great go-get-things-done solution in all areas and arenas, which is why people are so dependent on them. Unfortunately, this can lead to many negative effects:

Physical health: People who use computers for extended periods of time complain from headaches and wrist, arm and neck pains. These pains are usually caused by the position taken when using the keyboard for a long period of time. Prolonged use of computers can also cause muscle pains due to fatigue, so make sure your position is comfortable and your computer sessions are separated by enough rest.

Radiation: Many computer screens have a CRT (Cathode rays tube) which emits X-ray and can have a negative effect over your health.

The FDA guidelines set the maximum radiation exposure from computer screens and television sets to minimal amounts, but computer screens still emit small amounts of radiation. You can protect yourself from radiation by limiting your computer time or increasing the distance to your computer screens.

Addiction: Computers also provide quick access to a wide variety of information and entertainment, and most users turn to computers for this very reason. If this goes too far, it can lead to addiction on computers and internet activity such as reading articles, playing games online or chat rooms, neglecting family and social life in the meantime and leading to scholar or career failure.


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