Why Are We Addicted on Social Media!!

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, whatever you might be looking for has become a click away. On the other hand, people have become addicted to social media, and you might be one of them. Have you ever thought why?

Fear of missing out

This phenomenon is so widespread that it now has its own abbreviation (FOMO), and it makes a lot of sense. Have you ever heard your friends talking about some funny viral video and felt left out? This is the prime reason for social media addiction. Nobody wants to feel out of the loop.

Your sense of self-worth

When you see so many friends interacting with your latest post you feel confident and proud that people like you and are interested in what you have to say, and many people see this as something satisfying.


The happy hormone was observed in higher levels by researchers when the subjects received notifications. Dopamine makes you feel happy and excited, which in turn is a physiological factor in social media addiction.

Social anxiety

Making conversation can be challenging for some due to social anxiety; and it’s easier to hide behind a screen to compensate the social deprivation of human connection.

Nothing better to do

A lot of people turn to social media to fill in their free time. People who can’t leave home, like teenagers, can find social media as breathing space because of that.






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