5 Morning Habits to Energise Your Day

Your morning routine shapes the rest of your day and makes you prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Here are 5 morning habits to start each day with energy and make it productive:

Get up

Don’t wait for motivation, make your own motivation that gets you out of bed after you wake up and ignore the urge to hit that snooze button. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and be optimistic about the great things you can achieve tomorrow. If you have trouble waking up, let the morning light fill your room.

Coffee’s not enough

The best way to get your day kicking is a good breakfast, not grabbing a quick cup of coffee and running out the door. Try to have at least a simple breakfast every morning as it keeps your body’s energy in stock until lunch.

Plan ahead

Set your day’s goals from the morning. This is a recipe for success because it makes your goals more realistic and achievable instead of letting the day carry you without making the most of your valuable time.

Start with a book

Successful people put reading and meditating at the top of their morning routine so make some time each morning for reading.

Think positive

Tell yourself that you are strong and able, even if you’ve had some rough days, make your mornings positive to fire up your day.



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