Five Key Exercises to Build Stronger and More Powerful Legs

We’ve all seen those people in the gym with a massive upper body and skinny legs, and in truth, it looks embarrassing.

Why only train upper body when you need balance and strength from below?

Remember legs make up 50% of your body and are the most useful muscles, especially if you’re involved in sport.

Your legs are a vital source of power, from jogging long distances, to sprinting and turning.

By strengthening your legs in the gym through exercises like squats, deadlifts and leg press, you’ll reduce the risk of injury and increase stability and endurance.

In addition to this, you’ll generate more power which will make you a faster and fitter athlete on the sports field.

Here, we take a look at five exercises that will boost your leg strength and power.


Step forward with your left or right leg and bend forward.

Hold the two dumbbells over your head in a Y shape.

Hold and then push back to your standing position.

Change legs and repeat this 10 times.


Hold the dumbbells at hip level and stand tall. Balance on one leg and bend forward while trying to keep your back straight.

Push to a point where you can feel the pressure on the hamstring.

Move back up slowly to a standing position and change legs.

Change legs and repeat this 10 times.


Stand straight and hold dumbbells in either hand.

Put your left foot on an elevated platform and step up.

Hold for five seconds and step down.

Change legs and repeat this 10 times.


Lift your calf muscles off the ground as high as your flexibility allows.

Once you feel the pain then proceed back to a standing position.

Aim to do ten repetitions.


Position yourself with your back against a wall and hold the dumbbells by your sides.

Squat down until you feel a burn in your legs.

Pause and then push back to a standing position.

Aim to do ten repetitions.


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