5 Ways to Cure Your Caffeine Addiction

Many off us enjoy a hit or two of caffeine in the morning, but how much to is too much? Excess caffeine is a known reason for heart problems, high blood pressure, irregular sleep and many other issues. Here are five ways to get over caffeine addiction:

Wean yourself off

Don’t go cold turkey, this way you’ll be risking caffeine withdrawal which is far from pleasant. Your best bet is to gradually come off caffeine until you reach a reasonable level.

Count your cup

Count how many cups of coffee and other stimulant drinks you have each day to stay on top of your coffee intake.

Green tea

Green tea has much less caffeine than coffee and is a healthy, anti-oxidant alternative. You can also replace coffee with other herbal drinks like regular tea, matte or chamomile tea.

Take a power nap

A power nap is 20-60 minutes long and is enough to give you more energy and make you feel livelier than with caffeine. It also clears your head and helps you work and concentrate better.

Have a decaf

If it’s impossible for you to stay away from the taste of coffee, you can try a de-caff to get the same taste (ish) without the drawbacks.



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