Three Morning Habits to Enhance Your Day

The things we do every morning set the tone for the day, so when you hit the snooze button on your alarm fifteen times and you ignore making plans, chaos inevitably ensues.

Here are some little things you can do to help you climb out of bed and start your day right

Drink water

After a number of sleep hours your cells are pretty thirsty for water so it is good to rehydrate by taking in water before consuming anything else, including coffee. Drinking water prepares your digestive track to do its job better throughout the day. Starting your day with water also helps you get two cups of water out of the eight-cup daily recommendation. So, starting off by drinking water keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Make your bed

It may sound simplistic, but making your bed every day can have a very positive effect on your productivity. The simple exercise of arranging your sheets and pillows, making the room look tidy gives your barely-awake brain a sensation of calm and order. Being calm means you’re less stressed which gives you a better mood and higher productivity, meaning a better day.

Plan ahead

Making a list of three items to achieve on the very short term (by noon or by the end of the day) can help you take your day with more ease. Writing these tasks on a piece of paper or punching them into your phone eases the burden of having to remember what you had to do and also keeps them on your mind. Even if it’s as simple as picking up your dry cleaning, buying a greeting card or making the salad, these simple tasks help you manage your day efficiently. The saying goes that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So get your priorities in order to have a smooth and productive day.


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